Monday, May 24, 2010

Give Another Mommy a Break

As mothers, we know how much time and effort goes into raising a Godly family. We know how much dedication, effort, prayer, and love it requires on a daily basis.

It is most definitely an honor to be a wife and mother; most certainly a blessing from God. But, somedays it can take a lot out of you. It can be emotionally, physically, (and at times) spiritually draining to have so many people needing you at once. If you're a mom, I know you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

That is why this 'Make a Difference Monday' post is dedicated to giving a fellow mommy a "pamper me" day. You know--a day to sit back, relax, pamper herself, and actually take the time to celebrate who she is in the Lord. A day where she can celebrate her growth in Him. I think these kind of days are important, and well-deserved for mothers. They NEED guilt-free alone time just like everyone else.

This past Saturday, I felt the Lord softly speak to me, early in the morning, "Call your sister, tell her to get Ryder ready, and take him for the whole day." That was it. No more further instructions...just have him get ready, and keep him for the weekend. It really wasn't that big of a deal for me, until my sister sent me this email...

"Hi Laurie,

Soo.. Ive just recently started reading 'Eat the Cookie...Buy the Shoes', and I really need it. As you know, it's about living a life free from guilt and full of celebration (even for little things). I'm really being blessed by it--big surprise! Anywho, she emphasizes the importance of taking time for mini celebrations in between our everyday "stuff," so as not to get weary and burnt out (or acquire a martyr syndrome, like us mothers/wives are famous for). Instead, it inspires and energizes us to begin again with revived passion and determination.

I am taking Joyce up on her suggestion; I'm going to stop feeling guilty for "wasting" time on things I enjoy or on special little treats for myself. I'm going to work hard 80% of my time with school/family/etc. obligations, but the rest of that 20% is going to be spent on ME, GUILT-FREE!

Long story short.. All day today was "ME" time. It was possible because of you; you're the best sister anyone could ask for. I loved having the entire QUIET house to myself. God used you, like
HE so often does, to answer a specific prayer of mine--an empty house ALL to myself!

I put whipped cream in my coffee today & enjoyed some strawberries with it while I read.

Thanks again for everything. I love you!
Rae Rae"

WOW. See how awesome God is? I had no idea that I was even blessing her. I was just obedient to what the Holy Spirit told me to do. These types of "little things" that God does are what bless me the most to be His daughter. It's amazing to know that the creator of the universe cares if you and I are celebrating our progress in Him; that we are taking the time to pamper ourselves in a balanced way (that's right, BALANCED--you can't celebrate all the time).

I love, love, love it!

I hope this post was uplifting for you. I hope it inspires you to help pamper a fellow mommy that you dearly love, and admire.

Believe me, it feels GOOD to GIVE!! Love and blessings to you all. :-)

With LOVE,

5 loving comments:

gianna said...

I am super impressed that she took time to read a book and enjoy the house. I would have totally found projects to do and tried to finish them and then in the last 1/2 hour done something. I'm glad you were able to bless her and I'm glad she was able to accept it and take the time as a vacation!

Laura said...

I know, Gianna! I was super impressed she was able to enjoy the time too. It IS so hard to do that as a mom, isn't it? There is ALWAYS something to do. That's the whole point of that book though. I think I need to read it when she's done! Love to you, friend : )

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Neat book recommendation!!! I'll have to add it to my "to-read" list. :)

Laura said...

I know,'s on my "to-read" list too!

Rae said...

It totally was difficult for me to settle myself down long enough from getting "important" things done around the house to soak up a blessing. It's so easy to just keep going, and going, and going; only to eventually get frustrated and feel under appreciated by those that you are "going" and "doing" for. I have recently been learning that I need to ask God specifically for what I want/need (a quiet house, a day/night out, or what have you) and then be wise enough to accept the answer when it comes along!

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