Thursday, May 20, 2010

That Cost You What?

If I told you this cost me $0 would you believe me? No?'s true! I didn't spend one penny on it. Ca-ching! More money in the bank for me. :-) Do these posts make me sound cheap? I hope not, haha! I just really love doing makeover projects , getting enjoyment from them, and saving money for other fun stuff. Who doesn't like that?

My friend gave me this frame over a year ago. It originally had this portrait of Jesus in it.

Don't get me wrong--it was a beautiful picture and I LOVE Jesus,, it just didn't really go with the rest of my kitchen. I decided to take the original picture out of the frame, store it somewhere else, and create something that would go with the rest of my decor.

I decided to make it super easy on myself and just trace a wooden rooster that already sits on my counter. Isn't he cute?

I laid him down on some black construction paper, then traced his outline with a pencil.

Next, I tore the edges off of 2 pieces of light blue construction paper (torn edges look more rustic to me). All I did was tape them together to make a piece big enough to fill the frame. After that, I glued a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper on top of the construction paper.

When I was finished with that, I simply glued my little rooster outline on top of the paper.

I put the completed project back in the antique frame, and voila! I had a brand new FREE piece of artwork to put on my wall! See? Having a beautiful home doesn't always require a lot of money, it just takes a little creativity. I very happy with the end result of this piece, and even more happy about the price. Tee hee :-).

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8 loving comments:

gianna said...

love it! I can do something like that! It's awesome! And no, you don't sound cheap! I am the daughter of a woman who would be driving down the road ahd suddenly pull over, hop out, and dig out her knife/clippers so that she could collect twigs for her twig trees. I hope you are one of my winners in my GiveAway since this book is COMPLETELY your style!

schtuffblog said...

It's not cheap, just good, sound, sense! Thanks for sharing!

trish said...

Oh I love it! This is a great project and I love all the layers you used.
Have a wonderful weekend. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Sarah said...

Thanks for the kind comment about my coffee table- I had to come peek at what you'd posted on Shabby Nest, too! First, LOVE that your project was free, and LOVE the silhouette!! Seriously, I'm a huge sucker for silhouettes. Very very nice! :)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Very cute and clever and FREE! Gotta love that. This doesn't make you cheap, it makes you SMART.

Shelia said...

Hi Laura! Oh, I love this! You did a great job and I love Roosters so nothing could be more perfect.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cathy said...

Oh my...this is the cutest thing! I lovr roosters! I can't believe you made it and spent zero dollars...good for you! Love it!

Just found your darling blog and became your newest follower:)!


The Harris Family said...

so cute! I love the torn edges.

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