Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Change isn't necessarily always a good thing, but if it comes from God, it IS. I wanted to share some of the positive changes taking place in my life, at the moment. To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm sharing all of this. It is actually quite personal for me. But, maybe someone out there needs to read this, who knows? Or maybe it's just healing for me to embrace these changes and move forward in my walk with God. Whatever the reason may be, here goes!

~I will no longer compare myself to other women. I am the person God made me to be, and I am worthy of His love no matter what I look like.


~ Modesty is beautiful. I won't allow the world or mainstream media to tell me otherwise.


~ I am a child of God, Wife, and Mother. All other roles come after those first 3.


~ I refuse to dim my light in order to keep relationships going, that have long since died. God knows what He's doing when He prunes the weeds out of our lives. It is all for His glory, so I will LET GO.


~ I won't tolerate the generalization of sin in my generation. "Well, it may not be okay for you, but it's okay for me..." or "Well, you call it God, but I call it Karma." NO. Very big difference. Sin is sin. I am not ashamed of the word of God


~ I will no longer wait until my feelings line up with biblical truth to do what is right. Things such as forgiveness and love aren't feelings...they are a choice. I now know that I can LOVE without the feelings that usually accompany it. I can forgive someone without first receiving an apology. Life is too short, and God is too good.


~ My life will be for my heavenly Father's glory. Even the hard things (like picking up my husband's boxers off the bathroom floor, EVERY DAY) will be done with the best attitude I can muster up. That one will definitely take a little more effort than the others ;-).


~ I will start claiming who I am and what I have in Christ from the word of God (NOT what the world would say of me).


~ From now on, I will strive for excellence instead of perfection. Perfection doesn't exist.


~ I will be true to myself, true to my beliefs, do what I enjoy most, and pray that God sends the right people along who will benefit from this place. I started this blog out of obedience and will try my best to continue it in obedience, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate your time. 

With LOVE,

9 loving comments:

gianna said...

I love it! I think we would make a great cheering team for each other!

CMAC said...

Amen!!! Well said! Those worldly things are definitely hard to give up for our flesh, but when we see the blessings from obedience, its all worth it.

Heather said...

This is a GREAT post! I should make a list like this for myself and put it somewhere that I can see every day.

Debbie said...

Praise God! I see him working this way in many women's lives right now. Including mine :)

Rae said...

Good for you, Laurie. I read this the other day but never got around to commenting. ;)

Dana said...

Excellent list!

Ellie said...

I found your blog today and have enjoyed reading up on your posts. Thank you for this inspirational one--and I love the new chalkboard too!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I love this! I stand by all of those pledges too!

God is good!


Laura @ Just For Love said...

Aww, thanks Cathy!

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