Friday, June 11, 2010

My Bridal Shower

Lately, all of these wedding posts I've been reading have got me reminiscing.

I LOVE weddings! I loved my sisters', my own, my friend's...I even love driving by a complete stranger's wedding and thinking about how much fun they must be having at that moment. I remember how special I felt that day getting all pretty and meeting my soon-to-be husband at the altar, with God. I took our covenant with Him very seriously and still do.

I am more than blessed to be married to the first man I ever fell in love with. He has my best friend since I was 16 and always will be. Woah, listen to me getting all mushy over here! I'll try to real it back in before I make you guys gag. Haha : )

I can't believe we'll already be sharing our 3rd anniversary at the end of this month. It seems so long ago and so short on some days, also. Anywaaaay...

This is my sister Rachel.

She and my sister Becky are my BEST FRIENDS

They are the ones who threw me the shower. They put so many tiny details and love into it--I will never forget it, girls!

*******  *******  ******* 
Here is a picture of the cake Rachel did for me. Isn't it adorable? 

All she did was make a regular 2-layer cake (store bought), iced it, covered it with fondant, topped it with silk hydrangeas, and wrapped a pretty ribbon around the entire thing. Super easy, cute, and delicious! All of the items came from Walmart, too...can you believe it?! My favorite personal touch by far was our napkins

I also loved the little balloon heart on the prezzie table!

 If you're interested you can get them HERE. You know what the best part of presents are?

Opening them! The beautifully wrapped gift (above) was from Rachel's aunt-in-law, Dougie. Douglass is one of the most generous, loving, and fun people I know. You should see her baby girl, Charlotte. Ah! She's gorgeous. : )

THAT GIFT was from my mammaw! She cracks me up!

*******  *******  *******

Alesia collected all the bows and made a little bonnet for me to wear the rest of the party. I always thought that was such a cute idea. Has anyone else ever heard of the "party bow bonnet"? I'm not sure, but it's always been a tradition in our family. : )

We played a bunch of fun games, but my favorite was when the girls had 2 minutes to dress up as the best "bride" with toilet paper. It was hilarious.

I had to pick a winner and it was so hard! Honestly, I thought Becky looked like the Statue of Liberty and Dana looked like a hula girl, haha. I wound up choosing Dana in the end. Who do you think made the better "bride"?

It was most definitely a fun day had by all, but the best part was...

Spending time with the ones I love most
You girls are my true "Booyuh-Buddies"(LOL) and have blessed me with so many wonderful memories. I love you all!

Hope you enjoyed my bridal shower blast-from-the-past! Happy Friday :-)

With LOVE,

9 loving comments:

Cathy said...

So sweet! Ya'll look like you were having the best time! I can't wait to go through all of that again with my daughter! It is such a precious time in our lives...preparing for it!


Jen @ said...

That is such a sweet post. I loved what you said about your husband. Wonderful!


Laura said...

Thanks ladies! That means so much to me : ). You all are so sweet to me. Bless you!

Lisa said...

So sweet,Laura. Isn't it the best to be married to your best friend? It used to be hard for me to imagine being any more in love with my husband than I was, but BOY WAS I WRONG! After almost 20 years it does get even sweeter! Such a beautiful shower and bride-to-be! XOXO

Sir and Miss said...

Laura, what a wonderful post. It was full of love and happiness. The closeness between you and your two sisters reminded me of the relationship I have with mine.

Thanks for stopping by 3 Sisters, 365.


Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Looks like you had a great shower! Such wonderful memories.
I love the bow bonnet. Great tradition!

Katie said...

So sweet! It is nice to remember the simple times of the start of our crazy life with kids. You were a beautiful bride!

Rae Davis said...

You're so welcome for the shower, Laurie. I had a blast throwing it. It was so much fun. Love you! (and I cannot believe it's already been 3 years since then!)

Dana said...

Love your smile! What someone did with some of my bows and ribbons at a shower is made them into a bouquet of sorts for me to carry at the rehearsal :)

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