Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Be Selective

Good morning sweet friends, I missed you all this weekend! 
How was your holiday?
 Sorry this post is a day late...I have a great reason though, I promise! Maybe I'll do a quick post about it later...

Anyway, on to "Make a Difference Monday"{pretend it's not Tuesday ;-)}

As believers we face an interesting challenge on a daily basis. We live in the world, but are not to be OF the world. "So, how exactly do you do that?" you may find yourself asking.

 It's definitely hard at times, but I believe the greatest way you can achieve this through the Holy Spirit's power is to be selective

Everyday is filled with little choices. As a Christian, it is important to be selective about what you do, how you spend your time, who you hang out with, what you watch/read/listen to, etc. It isn't wise to continuously indulge the cravings of your flesh. Because if you do, that is exactly what you will be: worldly. 

I think you all know what fruit of the spirit I'm gettin' at, right? The tasty fruit of good ol' self-control
Ooh, that's right, I just said self-control

You know, the one that enables you to stop eating that entire pan of brownies in 2 days {preaching to myself right now, haha}. It is also the one that enables you me to not watch the E! channel and read trash mags all day.

Yes, I used to that.

So, where are some areas that you and I may need to come up higher? A good question to stop and ask yourself during the day is: Is this a good way to be spending my time, energy, resources, or money? Is what I am thinking, saying, or wearing right now glorifying to God? 

That does not mean you have to be wearing turtle necks and down-to-your-ankle skirts all the time, girls. You can wear cute, age appropriate clothes--just be selective and make good, godly choices.

So, if I may, I want to challenge you to examine areas in your life that may need to come up a little higher {myself included}...

~ What are you listening to?
~ What are you reading?
~ What is your level of media exposure?
~ What are your financial priorities?
~ How much time is being spent with your family?
~ What is your home life like--what are you doing behind closed doors?
~ What is your diet/food selection like? {ouch}
~ Time usage?
~ How much alone time/time in the word are you giving to God?

What changes do you need to make?

Now don't start sinking into guilt and/or condemnation over areas you may be lacking in. God does NOT remind you of your past failures. The word says once He forgives you, your sin is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness forever. If you are feeling guilty over past forgiven sin, that is from the enemy, and definitely not from God. 

It is, however, healthy to examine ourselves daily and see where we may be lacking. We want to be bearing good fruit for the Lord, don't we guys? We want our lives to be a living, breathing example of how good our God is. We want to win lost souls for His kingdom and one of the greatest ways to do that {if not the greatest} is by example. 

My intention with this post is to encourage, uplift, and to challenge--not to judge, condemn, or critique. I simply want us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Let's do it together, friends...for HIM.

With LOVE,

8 loving comments:

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Good morning Laura :) What a wonderful post this morning! I think this is a great reminder for all of us to take a minute to reflect on what is going in our lives and to focus on the positive :) Have a great day!! ~ Laura

Rene' said...

Thank you for the encouragement to keep going after God in a greater way!!

Love you!!Hope you had a great weekend!

Mary Ann said...

Amen & amen. Excellent words of encouragement.

High Heeled Life said...

My friend, for me you have accomplished your goal. It is always good to be remind to make sure we are living a true life. It is so easy to be distracted my the temptations of the ego. Blessing HHL

Hyacynth said...

I needed to hear this today! Like, NEEDED. :) Self control is a huge indicator of the depth of my spiritual life. Time to practice some self control with social media and cravings. Thank you for this thoughtful and encouraging post. You are a wonderful writer.

Tiffany said...

Thank you Laura for this post of encouragement. Self-control is a tricky element and something I and I think many others struggle with on a daily basis. I would like to make it a priority of mine to be aware of myself at all times and be aware of the decisions I'm making in my daily life. I want to live the best life for myself! Thank you for this lovely post. It really gave me something to think about! Enjoy your day.


Rae Davis said...

Very good message that we all need to hear.. often. :)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...


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